Mikkel Pommergaard

We were looking for a combi function of a project manager/designer as we live in singapore and found it difficult to manage from far away. we found LID online and likes her fresh designs etc and has never looked back since 😉 she was on-site / helpful and most importantly on time and the builders she uses are reliable and do very good work. We did a fully renovation incl interior design of 200 sq. mtr penthouse incl outdoor furniture/kitchen – when we cam et see the finished product 4 months later we were astonished and extremely happy for LID services and design – LID keeps you informed all along and when you need some help on ideas etc they always have excellent choices – we were extremely happy with all the services and really made buying a house and do a full reno from far away quite easy and enjoyable. Thanks alot Linadela for you help – you are a star and it was a pleasure to work with you – i think we might have to do it again soon on another property.