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Linadela De Pasión was born in the historical northern Swedish city of Luleå, a place noted for its industry and advanced technological university. Even as a child, Linadela quickly became known for a creative flare and a passion for design that was impossible to ignore.

As an innovative five year old, the young Linadela even demonstrated her early entrepreneurial abilities by setting up shop in the street outside her family home and making sketches for whoever walked by. Much to her parents’ bemusement, she would sometimes even have people queuing up for one of her special hand-drawn portraits.

Linadela’s enthusiasm for planning, drawing and designing began to develop from a young age; even her parents found that their home was often rearranged and replanned by their judicious child, who would meticulously plan how to achieve the best functionality and harmony in the family home.

But it wasn’t all about implementing practicalities and purpose, as by seven years old Linadela had already designed and made her first fashion garment – a T-shirt ingenuously crafted from an old curtain fabric – showing an experimental side to her natural creativeness. Thus began an unceasing passion for handcrafting clothing, furniture and accessories that continued throughout her childhood.

Linadela’s ambitions gradually took a left turn and she began to show real potential as an athlete. At seventeen years old, she made the long journey from Sweden’s northernmost county to Indiana, USA, in order to continue her academic studies as an exchange student and spend time honing her talents in basketball. It was when she returned to Sweden a year later that she began to focus solely on her dream of forging a career in the design field.

Over the next four years, Linadela worked feverishly towards this goal. She finished her High School degree; she qualified for and became an autoCAD constructor, and most importantly she became a mother to the biggest love of her life, Djamil. By the time she was just twenty-three years old, Linadela made the bold step to leave Sweden once again, moved to Marbella, Spain, and enrolled herself as a full time student of Interior Architecture. This time in Spain was a blooming period for Linadela, whose hard work and dedication had now firmly put her on the right track towards her lifelong career goals.

Linadela achieved her Bachelor of Arts Degree in Interior Architecture in 2015, and within just one year of successfully graduating she was able to launch her own company – Linadela Interior Design.
The company has gone from strength to strength and to date, LID has created many projects including those in Sweden, Spain and Holland.


Linadela are speacialist interior designers based in Marbella, Costa del Sol. With many years of experience and many projects completed successfully, Linadela can bring your project to life. For fresh design ideas contact us.


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